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How to deploy and bypass UAC [closed]

I want to deploy two software packages, and have written an extremely simple .bat script to do it.  I zipped it all up, built the package, activated it and am testing it on a test machine with an unprivileged account.

The first issue I ran into was the the SSL issue many others post about, and I will tackle that later, or maybe not.  But moving on, with the SSL=0 set, I can see the package download successfully, but now it does not install.  So I attempted to emulate the process it *should* go through manually; downloading the same package to the desktop, unpacking it and running it, and best I can guess, I think the hangup is UAC.

Can anybody help me or tell me how to write a script that installs the two packages (I can get either .exe or .msi as I need) and bypass UAC and needing administrative credentials to get it to install.  Or is it that I am doing something wrong in the way I am setting it all up, perhaps?  Any advice welcome. Thanks.
closed with the note: No answers forthcoming; found another way to do it that did not require OCS to deploy the update at all
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