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Deployment - multisite scenario with permissions?


Im running OCS for several years on local network without problems. Now Im considering deployment of OCS on much large scale with multiple sites with different access level for those sites. I trying to find a way howto restrict user view for specific tags, so users on specific site will see only audited PC of their location. So far no luck. Whats the solution here?
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2 Answers

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Using tag is the best solution. Which problem are you encountering? Can you explain?


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tags - sites
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Hi, I cant find a way, howto interconnect specific TAG with specific admin-user account. Lets say, I have 50 sites and on for those sites I would like to have 2-3 accounts and those accounts will be able to see only one specific tag (representing group of audited PC) for their own site and other accounts from other sites will not see this specific tag...

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