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docker container problem , unable to connect to we interface

hello ,

I'm like 5 mins into ocs inventory sopardon me if i'm doing something wrong .

I'm trying to run ocs-inventory with docker container but for some reason unable to connect to the web interface .

Here's a list of steps i executed .

Step1 : created a new docker network

 $ docker network create --driver bridge ocs-network  --subnet= --gateway= --ip-range=

step 2: configured a mysql container

docker run --name ocs-mysql   -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=ocs -e MYSQL_DATABASE=ocs-web -e MYSQL_USER=ocs --network=ocs-network -d  mysql:lates

step3 : step configure my ocs container

sudo docker run -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306  --name myocsinventory -e OCS_DBNAME=ocs-web -e OCS_DBSERVER_READ= -e OCS_DBSERVER_WRITE= -e OCS_DBUSER=ocs -e OCS_DBPASS=ocs  --network=ocs-network  -itd ocsinventory/ocsinventory-docker-image:latest bash

how do i access the web interface ?
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