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Deploying Agent using launcher OcsLogon.exe through Login Script


For more one week I have tried to deploy Agent ocs with a login script. I work with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows XP Professionnal to perform some tests. I would like to deploy Agent ocs from the login script. So, the folder OCS_script installed in the Windows Server 2008 R2 is shared with Windows XP Professionnal. In this folder there are ocs.bat and Ocslogon.exe renamed as ipserver.exe The ocs.bat has this script:

\\my_server\OCS_script\ipserver.exe  /PACKAGER /DEPLOY= /SERVER=http://ipserver:80/ocsinventory

Now, the ocspackager has been run to generate an ocspackage. By login on iperserver/ocsreports I have added ocspackage in the page where it is possible to manage the OCS-NG clients.  There is an inventory from Windows Server 2008 R2 but not for Windows XP Professionnal. I would like to understand why

This is the ocsinventory.ini:

OCS Inventory Agent]

[OCS Inventory Service]

If it could be useful this is the ocslogon.log:

Starting OCS Inventory NG Logon Installer on 10/07/2014 at 14:20:05
Checking if not already running...OK
Parsing command line arguments...OK
Searching OCS Inventory NG Agent installed version...OK (
OCS Inventory NG Agent version already installed, skipping setup.
Windows automatically starts OCS Inventory NG Service, no need to launch Agent.
All done, exiting ;-)
In addition in the ocsinventory.ini file there no error messages but we can read the word "warning" here:
WARNING *** INVENTORY => Failed to retrieve user domain
WARNING *** INVENTORY => Failed to retrieve sound devices
WARNING *** INVENTORY => Failed to retrieve modems
Although I have restarted the WINdows XP Professionnal , there is no inventory from it.
If other information are necessary feel free to inform me about. Also when I have a look on Windows Task Manager I notice that after running Ocslogon.exe renamed as this one is not displayed in the list. 
Best regards


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:80 is not usefull. http must be on port 80. It's like http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org:80/ : that have no sense ;)
Ocslogon.exe renamed as
it's not needed to rename it.
Do you have install as administrator ? If you install it from a GPO : do you launch as computer logon ?
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Thank you Kapouik for answering me and for highlighting some points.

Actually, I log on the Windows Server 2008 R2 with my account user like this : domain\my_name and I write my password. So, to be clear I don't log on this server like this: domain\administrator. But by clicking on the right button of the mouse I have run all the OCS-NG tools as an administrator. In addition I have the same rights and a full control like the administrator. When I check the security about the properties of all the OCS Tools I can see my account user has a full control.

As regards GPO for the moment I haven't worked with it. I mean I have tried simply to deploy the agent from a login script without GPO.

Also, I notice I can't run Ocslogon.exe This application doesn't execute. There is no window that displays.

To conclude I have just 2 questions:

Is it possible to deploy Agent OCS just with a login script without GPO Active Directory?

Can the problem be due to the fact I don't log on the windows server as an administrator?

Well cordially
As regards the second question I have the answer. It isn't a problem about the rights administrators. As I said I have a full control of all OCS tools.

But about the fist question I think we need to use GPO Active Directory to run the login script ocs.bat  If I am right and I have understood without GPO Active directory it impossible to deploy Agent ocs by working with ocspackager.exe

If someone has a notice or want to give a comment about this topic feel free to present it.

Well cordially
Difficulty to use ocspackage
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