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Implementing OCS_Inventory 2.3.1 on CentOS7 [closed]

Good afternoon
Could help me in a situation with OCS_Inventory 2.3.1 (I downloaded it from the OCS site itself), I unpacked and installed over one that I did previously that was OCS_Inventory 2.1.2.
Well, I did the installation and all the settings that the posts said (https: //felliperocha.blogspot.com.br/2014/11/ocs-inventory-no-centos-7.html? ShowComment = 149382277692 ...) And then I installed the most current one I saw on the OCS site and I decided to install since the other also could not collect the information as I said earlier.
I'm getting the page open, but when I install OCS_Agent 2.3.1 on my workstation to check if it has collected something, I can not see anything.
I installed it on CentOS7!
The password of Maria DB or MySQL has been changed to user: ocs and password: ******** logo still exists the password of the bank root (this password was created for the authentication of the bank with the application)
I installed all the packages and inherited packages and still no data collection from my machine.
I am installing the Agent without user and password, and I have already done with user and password of the bank, but still no information is collected.
When I will re-test AGENT installation, I always uninstall it with REVO unistaller.
In the Agent installation it looks like this:
To open the OCS monitoring page via http:

is this right?
Could you help me see where I'm going to go unnoticed?

In the httpd: / etc / var / httpd / error_log LOG
it is like this:

[Thu May 04 15: 23: 27.989045 2017] [perl: error] [pid 2220] [client] Can not call method "on" undefined value at / usr / local / share / perl5 / Apache / Ocsinventory / Server / System.pm line 189. \ n
SV = PV (0x7fbcc7be6bf0) at 0x7fbcc6b0a438
FLAGS = ()
PV = 0

Line 189:

Part of the command:
$ Params {'mysql_socket'} = $ ENV {'OCS_OPT_DBI_MYSQL_SOCKET'} if $ ENV {'OCS_OPT_DBI_MYSQL_SOCKET'};

# Connection ...
My $ dbh = DBI-> connect ("DBI: mysql: database = $ database; host = $ host; port = $ port", $ user, $ password, \% params);
$ Dbh-> do ("SET NAMES 'utf8'") if ($ dbh && $ ENV {'OCS_OPT_UNICODE_SUPPORT'});
Return $ dbh;

Sub _check_deviceid {
My $ DeviceID = shift;

# If we do not find it
Unless (defined ($ DeviceID)) {
Return (1);

(I do not know if this has anything to do with it - I think it's a matter of the page only)

Thanks in advance for the team.
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Change the password of mysql user "OCS" in z-ocsinventory-server.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf.d directory, then restart apache after modification.


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