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OCS Inventory (v2.3.1 ) very slow / different DB types/collation in MariaDB


after uprading OCS inventory to  the latest Version we have recognized that Performance of the WebGUI is much slower. It seems that all database queries seem to take much more time.

Computers in database ~200 / Database size (according to PHPMyAdmin ~35 MB)

All other html pages on the Server run very smoothly also cpu and ram is not at its Limit. plenty of free ressources available.

I have checked / repaired / optimize all tables via PhpMyAdmin but nothing changed.

What I have seen is that the tables in the database are not equally Setup:

  • Type is one of InnoDB, MyISAM, MEMORY
  • Collation is: latin1_swedish:ci, utf8_general_ci

Could this be a Problem and how to migrate?

Looking at /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log I can't see any Problems I have restarted the Server but nothing changed.

Any ideas what could be the Problem?

- Piit

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