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Uptime Plugin problem with the inventory [closed]

Hello !

I am currently trying to install th plugin Uptime on my OCS server (working on Debian) , the issue I'm facing is that the inventory does not always inventory the information about Uptime.
When I force an inventory from the command line (Windows), like : OCSInventory.exe /force /xml  it works perfectly and I do get an XML file with the uptime information.
But when I launch the agent manually with the icon in the taskbar, I do not have the information I want in the generated XML file, there is nothing about uptime. And when the inventory is done automatically it's the same.

So, my uptime database is still empty but I know that the script is working and I can get the information but only if I force it manually.

Any thoughts ? ;)

OCS Server version : 2.3.1
OCS Agent version : 2.3.0

Thanks a lot !

closed with the note: Problem solved, it was a misconfiguration of the agent
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1 Answer

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Ma question sera peut-être plus claire en français.
En gros, je n'ai pas le même fichier XML selon la manière dont il est généré. Si je force l'inventaire je vois bien les informations du plugin uptime, mais si je lance simplement l'agent depuis son icone, le XML généré ne contient pas ses informations.

D'où peuvent provenir ces différences ?

Merci d'avance,
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