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Best server for OCS?

windows or Linux? if linux, what distro?
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2 Answers

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Server for windows is a port from the unix server. It's not the best and we don't recommend to use it for big server.

The best OS can be linux. Centos has a real good RPM package maintained by Remi Collet. Debian has really bad package not really maintained with some dependencies never packaged as .deb. Suse work fine with the tar.gz source file. FreeBSD can be a good choice, the package for the server look good but I never tested it (but the agent package is really good as I made it :p ). I have use the server in production on OpenBSD with great success too.

Use the distribution you prefer (but for simplicity use centos with rpm from remi collet).
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Thanks for the quick response, ill be trying cent os


Thank you!
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If you are starting fresh, using CentOS 7 with packages from the EPEL repository would be a good choice.  EPEL provides many additional packages but has a policy of not overwriting or conflicting with the packages from the base distribution.   For earlier versions of Centos you can only get current OCS packages from the Remi repository,  but that also contains packages that will replace base system versions which can be dangereous if you run other applicatiions on the same system.
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You may not using other application on the same system :)

The EPEL package are made by Remi Collet too. It's just a frozen version of the Remi repository.
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