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Multi ocsinventory communication servers on single Ubuntu 16.04 Server

Putting together a test environment where I would like to configure multiple ocsinventory communication servers(no ocsreports) each tied to their own mysql database on a single ubuntu based server.

I have run the setup.sh to configure the base installation, and chose not to jnstall administative server.  I the. created a ocsweb1 & ocsweb2 mysql databases using the .sql scripts in the ocsreports/files directory.

I have created (2) z-ocsinventory-server.conf files each with their own virtual directories for /ocsinventory.  I reloaded apache and everything appears to work correctly.

When i point ocs agents they will only populate one of mysql databases.  I have double checked config and haven't identified why this could be haplening.

Has anyone deployed aomwthing similar?  I would like to just run multiple communication servers and not ocsreports.

Appreciate any help.
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Agents send their inventory only to one server but not to multiple server. Actually this is not planed to develop such functionality.



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Not what I am looking to do.  Agents would only report to (1) ocsinventory server.  What I am trying to accomplish is  to host multiple ocsinventory servers on a single apache instance without running multiple instances of the ocsreports admin console and seperate ServerNames (site1.test.com, site2.test.com, etc).  Instead I would like to use different virtual locations of /ocsinventory to point to their own mysql database.  Something like the following:

ocs agent A -> test.com/ocsinventory -> mysql db A

ocs agent B -> test.com/ocsinventoryb -> mysql db B

Not asking on the Agent end, but for the server.  I have been able to get multi site configurations working on a single server with apache configs tied to seperate ServerNames, but would like to streamline further and only use virtual locations.  From testing it appears like mod_perl may be the issue and only able to get tied to a single virtual location.
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