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"Information" -> "Log visualization" shows "NO RESULT"


I have a running/working OCS server (on Ubuntu 16.04) which already deployed some activated packages to my test-clients. So the basic setup works.

Currently i am wondering why "Information" -> "Log visualization" just shows a "NO RESULT" notification.

I am assuming it should display the content of /var/log/ocsinventory-server/activity.log or what else should be displayed there?

EDIT (as i cant find a comment or reply function)

The solution mentioned by Stéphane is working. As a result i got a table displayed featuring a downloadable .csv log file.

Just for the completness:

This .csv log contains in my case right now 8 lines, 5 of them are empty. the other 4 are covering a time of 6 seconds and do represent access to the webinterface by user, date, time, page and ip.

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Hi Fpoeck,

for some reason, the log.csv file can not be created by the v. 2.31 OCS server...

To solve this problem, in the file : /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/require/function_commun.php

Add doubles slashs at the beginning of these lines :

//if (is_writable(LOG_FILE)){



Result :

 /********************************END SQL FUNCTION************************************/

 function addLog( $type, $value="",$lbl_sql='') {
         //global $logHandler;
         if ($_SESSION['OCS']['LOG_GUI'] == 1){

                 //if (is_writable(LOG_FILE)){
                         $logHandler = fopen( LOG_FILE, "a");
                         $dte = getDate();
                         $date = sprintf("%02d/%02d/%04d %02d:%02d:%02d", $dte["mday"], $dte["mon"], $dte["year"], $dte["hours"], $dte["minutes"], $dte["seconds"]);
                         if ($lbl_sql != ''){
                                 $value=$lbl_sql.' => '.$value;

Regards, Stéphane

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I have those line with double slash and, I continue seeing NO RESULT there....

there is some solution alternative? THX
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I had the same problem. And also have the double slasches as Steph suggested.
Apache restart has been done, but still NO RESULT.

Anybody has a good pics about it, how should it be look? :)

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