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Excludable software research

Hello guys,

I installed OCS server 2.3.1 recently in my network to be able to inventory the softwares installed on my workstations, however I am facing a difficulty in the moment of doing this survey, because the list of software that is generated for each machine is very big. Since about 70% of the list is Microsoft Update and Office Update.
My question would be whether there is any way to perform an exclusive search, so that all software except for Microsoft updates in General is displayed.
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2 Answers

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  I saw you hadn't got a reply yet and registered :-). I can't think of a way to do something like this directly yet myself but I've only just updated to 2.3.1 too and not sure if I'm missing something. If you haven't found a way to do this, please feel free to PM me. If you can't get the data directly then maybe we can come up with a way to query the data directly from the backend database and export into Excel/something and filter it that way?

In the meantime, I'm off to scout out github to see if there's anything comment-y about software inventories etc...


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Hi. If possible, modifying a file on the server. Pm. Regards
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