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Get Physical servers informations


I'm using OCSInventoring on both Windows, Unix ad Ubuntu VMs and it works perfectly fine.

But can I use OCS to get my Physical servers informations? Cause there is no system on which install an agent... So is it even possible (maybe by using another solution?? )

Thanks by advance
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What do you call Physical servers informations ? Can you give us an exemple ?
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I mean "Physical" informations like Bios version, model, Idrac, Perc Type...
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Hi @Laassa,

I'm not sure I understand ... Do you use virtualized servers and a hypervisor ?

With the physical servers on which an OS is installed, OCS Inventory must be able to retrieve "generic" informations such as the version of the Bios, model, serial number, etc.

For specific options like IDRac, Perc, Smart Array or others, etc., i'm afraid that you should develop a suitable plugin... and possibly share it with the community :-)

Regards, St├ęphane
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Hi @steph78630,

I'll try to explain it better. Sorry for my bad English..
I've got a platform with physical servers hosting VMs.

I already have a supervision tool for this platform.

I'm hosting OCS server on a VM (so it's a virtual server)... and installing the agents on the different workstations hosted by the physical servers.

But now I would like to use OCS to get some informations from the physical servers such as the version of the Bios, model, serial number, etc. My supervisor does not catch this informations, and I can't install an OCS agent on a physical server because it's just hardware without an OS on it.

I hope my explanation is better here.

Thanks By advance

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Your vms are hosted on VMWARE or Hyper-V ?


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Hi Frank,

My VMs are hosted on VMWare.


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