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OcsPackage won't start without Admin Privileges

I Created an OCS package using the ocspackager

Now when i try to run it nothing happens.
When i run it as administrator the installation starts.
How can i fix this?

PsExec.exe is in the same directory as OcsPackager.exe

My configuration:
Agent setup file: "C:\OCSNG-Windows-Agent-\OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup
Certificate: Empty
Command: /Server=http://ocsinventory-ng/ocsinventory   (DNS refers "ocsinventory-ng" to the right IP address)
Label: Empty

User: Admin
Password: Adminpassword
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2 Answers

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As write in the documentation : you need administrator account.
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I filled in the fields to run the installer under the admin account.

as the documentation says:
"You can now test ocspackage.exe by launching it under a normal user account (no administrative privileges)."
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