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officepack - office 2016 only one entry in the list

Officepack displays only one entry for office 2013/2016.
The problem is if we have both Office 2016 and Visio 2016 installed on one station. The agent only downloads/display the latest entry.
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a small update of the plugin is therefore to make ... Thank you for having reported !

Best regards, St├ęphane
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I'm having problems for the officepack add-in to report office licenses to me. I have done the following.
1. Install OCS SERVER 2.3.1 IN UBUNTU 16.04
2. Download the officepack.zip and place it in the download path of the ocs server.
3. In the web console of the server, install the OfficePack.zip add-on and I see this error (The communication server encountered the following error on install: Err_05).
4. When I enter the inventory of the equipment, in the Software section, the space appears to show the information of the office license.
5. In the windows agent, in the path (program files (x86) / ocsinventory / plugin /) I place the officepack.vbs, but when executing the windows agent, it does not report the licenses to the server.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much

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Your problem is different then my.

Err_05 : Residual directory found in perl dir ( by default -> /etc/ocsinventory-server/perl/Apache/Ocsinventory/Plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/ )

This error display when You uninstall plugin and install again (and you not properly clean before install plugin again).

Try this - it will help:
1. Remove plugin officepack from www,
2. Delete files/directories (if they any):

3. Install again officepack plugin (from www).

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