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General Questions about OCS and management/configuration

Hello All,

I was tasked with setting up OCS to collect and track all our assets. We're looking for something that can track things like computers, servers, network equipment, and even items that are not connected to the network like cell phones, monitors, etc. We want to be able to do this ideally without deploying an agent or other software to our devices.

Since we have other products for software inventory, performance monitoring, etc we want OCS to be used solely for just the tracking of the asset itself. So I guess my first question is, is this something that the software is designed to do?

All of the documentation I've read from the wiki seems to focus on deploying an agent once the server is setup but I don't see any methods of importing assets manually or via things like bar code readers for instance. If so, how do I go about doing this?

I have some other questions as well but want to first make sure that this will work for my needs. If anyone with more experience could help clarify this for me, I would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you.

- Alan
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Excellent question by the way it will replace OCS cause ocs-server is based on communication with agents
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