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OCS Inventory(urgent) [closed]

hello everyone ,

Need help please (urgent) :s

I tried to deploy some soft by using OCSInventory,but my computers

  don't show up in the server ocs.

I installed OCS Agent 2.1.1 on computer ,I added the server address  (,at the time of installing the agent.

when I checked ( ==> the computers do not 

appear in the server

Does anyone have a solution  for me ? Thanks a lot

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3 Answers

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Can you post the OCSInventory.log content?
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Which version of the OCS server? Server and station operating systems ?

As @wallewaly asks you, post ocsinventory.log (from the OCS agent of the station...)

Regards, St├ęphane
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Hello again ,

Thanks a lot for your answer ,It's solved

I had an issue with certificat

I changed SSL from 1 to 0 on .ini file .
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Never do this in production : ssl = 0 is only for debug because it open a big security hole in all your IT.
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