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SNMP Windows Agent MIB Files

Server Linux / Unix 2.4
Windows Agent
SNMP works, but does not correctly display information for some devices, it also does not display information about print cartridges.
For a UNIX agent, it is possible to add information using XML files. How to do this on Windows Agent?

In the source code I found the function CallCustomMibs but it is empty, the ocsweb database has an empty snmp_mibs table, so I understand that this is a workaround for the future function, and in this version of the agent it is impossible to add custom mibs?
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Hi @ramzes50,

Are you egyptian ?

On Windows PCs, the SNMP function is quite new ... I have noticed deviations for some devices and have reported my results to the OCS team.

> I hope to hear from you soon ! To be follow up !

Regards, St├ęphane
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No, I'm Russian.

At the moment there are two problems with the list of SNMP devices.

1. Not all devices display the NAME (Canon iR2520 and KYOCERA M2535dn). If you change the NAME into the table SNMP of the ocsweb database (instead of NULL, specify any value), then I can see the information about the device, but the next time the device is polled, this value will again become NULL.

2. For HP printers, the name is displayed as NPIEC3BEF, this is the network name of the printer, not the model.

The details of the device show the minimum information (model, IP-address, MAC address, serial number, and number of printed pages)

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