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OCS fucked up using "setup.sh" from office plugin

Hi everyone.

I was trying to install the office plugin.

I tried to configure it manually step by step, but some problems pulled me to use the "setup.sh".

I'm using the Linux virtual machine provided on the offical OCS web page, the one wich is runing a OCS 2.0.5 server version.

what happened i i used the setup.sh, everything looked perfect and correct. But when i opened the "'ocsreports" this is what i get:

I can loggin but the page is completly broken.

Any idea? >.<


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1 Answer

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If you clic on a flag : is there some change ?
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I can log in, but if i select any option i get an error or a blank page.

I think the database is broken. Before use Setup.sh i tryed to install manually adding the SQL lines, but it don't worked. Probably i miss the error during the .sh installation, is that posible? and in this case is any way to repair it ?

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