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Updating from 1.3.3 to latest db fields missing

I've tried to update ocs from 1.3.3 to latest version.

Login don't work. I've checked php files and I've noticed there are some missing fields in database.

For example operators doesn't has user_group field.

I've checked update scripts in files folder but there's no script to add these fields.

I suppose other scripts are missing.

It's possible to get the update scripts for every version?

I need them for successful update.
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Hi @Disproquima,

As I write in another post,​ it seems to me that the OCS server update must be done version by version, do not by-pass a release (files / tables may have been forgotten).

Since version 1.3.3, the task may be complicated.

Regards, Stéphane

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Thanks Stéphane.

I found a guide inside ocsinventory wiki to update from 1.3.3 to 2.0. I suppose the update between these two versions is done correctly.


I could try to update database to 2.0 version and then update to 2.4.

Where could I find the previous versions packages?
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beware of updating from 2.1.2 to 2.3.x or 2.4 - administrative Data content is gone in my tests (checkboxes) - in my opinion 2.1.2 is much better than any current version - in 2.3.1 and 2.4 are many bugs. I recommend to wait for 2.4.1 and update only to 2.1.2

i opened a ticket - but a am awaiting a confirmation by a developer.

Kind regards
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To whom it may concern.

I've been reading the sql scripts from 2.0 version. I looked for all changes necessary to update from 1.3.3.

I made an script with all SQL sentences needed to update and runned it over 1.3.3 database and then run 2.4 version install.php. Now I can login and all seems to be correct, but I haven't do too many test.

If anyone wants to test it, ask me for a copy. I've tried to paste here but there are too many characters.
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