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Customize OCS invetory

How can i customize or add a filed in a report. I need to add to a device the code of the company and to add the serial of the keyboard in a Desktop PC.
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1 Answer

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It depends of what for you need this Data, how it would be used in ocs? Is it fo regular sorting in main window, or it just must be aviable but not used usually.

1st. option

In windows i used Description of PC/ By the Computername settings, this allow to sort pc's by this number from main window with all PC's in OCS.

ex. Windows 10 > ThisPC > RMB > Properties > Computer Name, domain name section > In the right side Change settings > Description field

2nd option

You can also use the customapp for OCS, and set there a file(it may contain your data) You wish to connect to your PC in OCS, but it will be visible only in bookmark "Miscelaneous" when you select one of PC's

3rd.option (manual)

In OCS top menu > Manage > Administrative data > New data in the left, then You'll create collumn that You'll be able to fill manually fo every PC when You select It
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