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Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14/16 Update


We have Ubuntu 12.04 and OCSInventory 2.1 installed. Tried to update Ubuntu to Ubuntu 14/16 and just after the update OCS Inventory doesn't work anymore (You don't have permissions to access /ocsreports on this server).
After a few tests observed that if I'll copy the Alias and directories from /etc/apache2/conf.d/ocsinventory-reports.conf (ex. alias for /ocsreports /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports) to /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf (we use OCS under HTTPS) , OCS Inventory page loads, however the computer agents doesn't send the data/can't connect to the server.  Tried to check here for some solutions, but couldn't find any. Might be something related to apache2 and conf.d (as mentioned above after moving the aliases and directories config from conf.d to sites-available, the ocs server page opens at least).

Any ideas? Any tutorial to upgrade from Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14/16 with keeping the current OCS Inventory 2.1 or updating it to any newer version?

Thank you in advance
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See this tutorial for ubuntu 16.04 => http://ask.ocsinventory-ng.org/4554/tutorial-ocs-on-ubuntu-16-04

Best regards

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Thanks Frank, I have tried to follow the steps however the problem still persists, the older configuration files remains on place and interferes... I would like to keep the old configuration/database during the update, it's very important.
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