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Issue with SNMP scan on remote network


I have some troubles configuring SNMP scan for remote network as explained in the documentation: https://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?title=Documentation:SNMP#Configuring_custom_parameters

After following the documentation and running a scan, if I check the logs, the SNMP remote network parameter seems to be OK:


but nothing else in the logs telling me that the SNMP scan is actually done for this specific network (


[snmp] Calling snmp_end_handler

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:06 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:18 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:30 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:42 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:48 2018][debug] [snmp] Running Linux (8072) MIB module

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:48 2018][debug] [snmp] Running Host Resources MIB module

[Mon Apr  9 09:59:48 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[Mon Apr  9 10:00:00 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[Mon Apr  9 10:00:12 2018][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

Could you please help me solving this problem?

Thanks in advance,

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2 Answers

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Have you devices where snmp is enabled on this network?


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Yes we have a Big IP from F5. I have to say I'm not completely sure of the SNMP configuration on the Big IP part, but when I read the logs I have the impression that the OCS client is not doing SNMP inventory at all on the specified remote network (

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