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Add custom information on software or other tab


I would like to add custom information displayed on software ,other or hardware tab. Is anyone who did something similar? Could someone give at least a starting point?

I am having a Centos 6 with Apache/2.2.15 and ocs inverntory 2.4.1 server

Thank you
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1 Answer

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I was able to add new lines with custom reports on software tab.

This is how i did it

1. Add a new entry in 
    /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/plugins/language/en_GB/en_GB.txt  (or other language)
 like  2130 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

2. Modify 
add 7 new entries similar with OCS_REPORT_NB_ERR ; 

This is my example for office 2010


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => array("FIELD" => 'SOFTWARES-NAME', "COMP" => 'like', "VALUE" => 'Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010'),


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => "softwares",


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => "softwares",


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => array("PAGE" => 'ms_multi_search'),


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => "SOFT",


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => $l->g(2130),         (it contains the id from en_GB.txt new entry)


    "OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010" => array('SQL' => "select %s from %s where NAME like '%s'",

        'ARG' => array('count(distinct hardware_id) c', $table["OCS_REPORT_OFFICE2010"], 'Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010%')),


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