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Motherboard manufacturer not getting transmitted

Unsure if this is related to the server or the agent, the agent logs show the manufacturer so I am going to assume it is the server.

This is version 2.4.1 running on ubuntu 16 latest version.

Windows agent and Linux agent all show the same symptom

I opened the issue under the windows agent however:


in the MySQL DB the motherboard serial, manufacturer, and model are all listed as null.
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1 Answer

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The serial number must be set in a standard aset field in the motherboard : this field exist generaly on professional motherboard only (like HP computer for enterprise).

For manufacturer : it is generaly show on MMANUFACTURER field in the BIOS section.

Run dmidecode software on your linux and look if you see more information on your motherboard, if you don't see it, that's because your motherboard don't give the informations.
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