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Create OCS windows Agent less them 300kb


I have to install OCS Windows agent on all remote servers. I have created OCS agent with OCS Packager. but the size of created exe is 5mb. Client require the exe file less then 300kb. Please help to create the same.

Also please share steps for installing agent through OCSLogon.exe script.

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3 Answers

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Hi @sachin1992 ,

if I understood your request, your remote servers do not accept the downloading of files exceeding 300 kb ...

300 kb is a very low value and actually it seems that you have to cut the OCS package into 17 files and then rebuild it at the destination, which is not ideal.

This 300 kb limitation can not be changed ?
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Remote server can accpet upto 1mb size of file.
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im am interested why this size is stinted on server?
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