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Calculate hardware necessary

Good day,

I need to calculate or size he hardware needed for  a quantity approximately 100 host, where can i obtain this information ?
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3 Answers

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For 100 computers in your inventory, a rasberry pi may be good to host OCS Inventory server.

So for a VM, 2vCPU and 2Gbit of ram will be enough.
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Friend, thank you for responding, I only have one question regarding the hard drive, with 30 GB will be enough?
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Depend if you make teledeploy : if no it's largely good, if yes, put 100GB minimum to store all your files.
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30 gb is enough, the ocs Database will only grow if you wan't to deploy large packages

the normal information is at most a few kb large.

So the central database is only a few mb large

Kind regards
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