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agent doesn't connect to server through https

I am using ubuntu 16.04 and I am trying to do inventory using snmp protocol, in the wiki, it's mentioned that I should use https otherwise ocs won't do the inventory based on snmp

 i created ssl certificate  and now i can access the server's page through , it's secured and the admin consol works fine too
but when i  try to connect to the server from the agent i run into this error:

[error] Cannot establish communication : 500 Can't connect to (certificate verify failed)

I don't know what to do !
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2 Answers

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Which CN have you set in the certificate? How is defined the url in ocsinventory-agent.cfg file ?


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Hello Frank, sorry for the late reply
the URL is defined this way : https://server_IP_address/ocsinventory

I am not using a CN , I am testing the software on VMware for an internship project
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SSL protocol only work with domain name. You can't use an IP address as CN in your certificat. If you don't have any DNS server, you can use the host file of your clients.
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