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Failing certificate linux 500 can't connect

Hi All,

I'm having issues setting up the linux clients to comunciate with the server over https, windows clients work without any issues using the certificate.

The command ocsinventory-agent --server https://xxxxxxxxx.xxx.xxx/ocsinventory returns the below result

500 can't connect to xxxxxxxxx.xxx.xxx:443 certificate verify failed
I've copied the certificate in to /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/https:__xxxxxxxxx.xxx.xxx_ocsinventory. The certificate was generated using the FQDN. If I connect to the server over http the system connects with no issues.

The --debug shows 500 can't connect to xxxxxxxxxxx:443 (certificate verify failed)
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You said that the certificate has been generated with FQDN. On your post what represents xxxxxxxxx.xxx.xxx ?

Did you try  => ocsinventory-agent --server=https://FQDN/ocsinventory  ?


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