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How to gather USB and NIC information device.

Dear All,

I'm Pavanetti, Matheus, I've been using OCS inventory tools for almost 4 years,

It always helps me and is able to collect all the information I need.

But now I must lodge the information wich my enterprise wish,

I must gather USB and NIC (Network Interface Card) informations, like:

- Total USB Ports available

- Total USB Ports in use

- Total NIC available

- Total NIC in use

Is there a way to get these informations?
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OCS can't get exact information you need :

USB means Universal Serial Bus : as it, you can put up to 127 ports on one physical hub. So on a standard desktop computer, you will get 4 or 6 ports on back and 2 on front but you will have only 2 or 3 physical hub on your motherboard. The numbers of ports can be granted by an additianal hub.

So it's impossible to get the number of ports available.

To get the number of ports in use, just look the number of usb device. Warning, some device can be on the motherboard directly. Some network card for exemple are connected in USB on the PCB of the motherboard.

For the nic available : it's easier to get the total nic available. The only problem is that you will get physical NIC and logical NIC in your account (maybe some OS can be a differences between them).

for knowing if a NIC is in use : is it when a cable is up on the NIC, if an ip is up on it or if both of them are up ?

So all this informations are not so easy to get :)
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