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Multiple server url in agent configuration [closed]


Is it possible to tell the agent to upload configuration to multiple server url ?

The case is : we have two servers that need to be filled with agent informations. This servers cannot be replicate.

We want to tell the agent to connect to our 2 servers and upload his configuration to.

Can we do this ?

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3 Answers

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This is impossible. OCS is made to work with one server and many features will never work with two servers.

The good question is : it is really necessary to have 2 servers ? One server can be configure with ACL that will permit to have a view (or manage) on a part of yours computer for other peoples.
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what you can do is to configure a dns server with 2 ipd adresses for the sam dns name(round robin) . so all clients contacting all servers, because they get somteime ip adress1 and sometimes ip adress 2. But i think it does not work fluently, because the clients will be confused if you deploy packages.

Giv it a try - you should create a vm - and change the ip address manually in agent so you can simulate the behaviour.

Kind regards
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Thank you for your answers.

What we expect is to get a way to make hosts inventory upload to to different servers at the same time.

I understand it is not possible.

So the way we will reach our goal is export the records from OCS DB, then import the records in the second server.

I close thie subject so :-)
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