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Windows server 2008

Hello i trying to connet OCS Inventory Agent but no connet to OCS Inventory server is installed in Wiindows Server 2008 and Agent in Windows 10 Pro help me plis!

Configuration in use

credentiales are the conection to windos sers use the ocs web but not


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Hi @Moises,

Can you be more clear, please ?

Do you want to install the OCS server on Windows 2008 and the OCS agent on Windows 10 ?

Please use updated versions for the OCS server and agent … The agent version is deprecated, and an OCS server version on Windows is not recommended (including security issues).

Regards, Stéphane
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Hi @steph78630 OCS server are intalled in Windows server 2008 and Ocs Agent in windows 10, this version ocs server is discharged this official page OCS the agents version is the one that helped me

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