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Ocs in Windows Server 2008

I have intall ocs in windws server 2008 but  never recib my dats this client ocs has support ocs for windows server

now I have another problem to see in another tutorial said that I did not 
have the mod_perl enabled try to add and pass the following:
help me please!

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As I see, you use mariadb 10.1 as SQL server. This version is not shipped with OCS Inventory installer for windows.

If you have try to update xampp : it cannot work. OCS Inventory NG only work with really old version of xampp.

If you want to upgrade OCS Inventory : please use linux. Currently, it's the only plateform supported by the server.
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thank you I will have to give the option to do it on the
computer that the company gave me since I am a grantee they 
do not let me modify many things on my laptop if it works correctly and I 
windows 10
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