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Many subnets to invetory

Hy everybody,

I have a Network with many subnets. All agents are directed to my OCS-server, a CentOS with OCS-server 2.6 version.

My network have thousand and threehundred machines, but now they are coming to my BD so lazy that I suspect that I can't inventory all my network. In BD now has hundred fifty four machines only, a average of four machines has coming per day.

How to improve this number? Have some configuration to increase the performance of the agent data? have a maner to make the ocs listen more than one network adapater?
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Hi @fidelis.couto,

The 2.6 version of our OCS Inventory NG server is in RELEASE CANDIDATE state and for testing ONLY.

Currently and as long as the final version 2.6 is not finalized, you should not use v. 2.6RC in production.

The latest stable version of the OCS Inventory NG server is v. 2.5

Regards, St├ęphane
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