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How to scan SNMP IP discovery?

I've installed the server (but did not install ocsinventory-agent on the server). Then under Networks -> Administer -> Administer Subnet  I've added the IP and subnet . Also added SNMP communities.

But how do I force a scan to it discovers servers? Do I have to install ocsinventory-agent on the server? if so what is the next step?

BTW, I do not want to install ocsinventory-agents on the other servers. I want to collect inventory of with only SNMP.

Where is this option? http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/img/server/reports/snmp_scan_feature_6.png

Documentation says First, go to the groups page in Inventory, click on Customization, and then click on the pencil. Then, click on the Networks scans tab.  Link to documentation

but there is no "Customization" and there is no pencil icon.... What am I missing? I am logged in as admin.

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