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ipdiscover option missing

Under Netowrk -> There is no ipdiscover. See picture one.

But in documentation it shows ipdiscover. See this picture https://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/img/server/reports/ip_discover_feature_1.png

Here is the link to documentation: https://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/06.Network-Discovery-with-OCS-Inventory-NG/Using-IP-discovery-feature/#working-with-results

Picture one:

picture one

This answer says we can run ipdiscover on the server. Should I be installing something to make it work?


Also in logs I see that it says IpDiscover Ignored.

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][debug] [download] Writing config file.

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][info] [download] Download is off.

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][debug] Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::IpDiscover::IpDiscover ignored

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][debug]  - nmap found

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][debug] Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::IpDiscover::Nmap ignored

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][debug] Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::AIX ignored

[Thu Apr  9 16:36:51 2020][debug] Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::BSD ignored

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Have you enable ipdiscover in configuration/ipdiscover ?

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I managed to get SNMP scanning working. It was not working because I installed the agent from apt-get install ocsinventory-agent. But I removed that and Downloaded the source code for OCSInventory-agent and compiled it and it worked.

But I still do not see "iPDiscover" menu under Network. Also Network -> SNMP is empty. 

 Why is it empty? And how can I add the discovered host to "All Computers"?

In the Inventory -> IpDiscover, I selected one host and Added a description and also selected a TYPE. And I thought it would show in Networks -> SNMP. But Network -> SNMP is still empty.

Does SNMP scan only discover the host? and nothing can be done with it? What is the purpose of SNMP scan?

I was expecting something like 

  1. SNMP scan 
  2. Add Discover host to All computers
  3. Run SNMP scan again on the discovered host to get (CPU, OS, Memory etc., using SNM as in step 4).
  4. Update inventory like CPU, memory using SNMP for the discovered host.

Is that not possible for SNMP? What is the purpose of discovering and doing nothing with it?

Can someone please answer?

My company doesn't allow to install agents on all computers. So I was thinking like create one new hosts for every network subnet and use that host to scan its network SNMP and updated the inventory using SNMP. But I don't why SNMP is not collecting inventory and not adding it to All Computers or why its not showing in Network -> SNMP.


host-agent001  in network -> elect as ipDiscover

host-agent002 in network -> elect as ipDiscover

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you didn't answer to my question. Have you enable ipdiscover on the ocs server like as I suggest.

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