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Connected user missing in OCS

My Server:

  • PHP Version :7.2.34
  • Web Server :Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)
  • Database Server :Ubuntu 18.04 version 10.1.47-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
  • Version OCSReports:2.8.1
I have been trying different versions of the agent from 2.2 to 2.8 and all of them don't display the current user.   This happened when i made the changes in data.pm to fix the hardware updating issue (PR => https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG/OCSInventory-Server/pull/301)
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7 Answers

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perhaps this helps you .. when i search for a connected user with various criteria search .. i must search for "computer -- connected user" not "login connected user"

My agent is 2.0.5
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Hi @sokatra i have 2 online machines not displaying the connnected user.  It's just blank space.

Why do i need to search when i can display it as a list?  Thank you but your suggestion also doesnt work.
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the last two are new machines i added.  No user connected.

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hy, for me it is the same .. i am using  an old 2.1.2 server AND a new 2.8.1 server

The same agent (2.0.5) will report username to server 2.1.2 .. but if i change the dns to target the new server version 2.8.1 ....90 % of all agents also report the username to 2.8.1 .. but the username did not show up on all computers in the new server. The same client computer definitely  reports the username to server 2.1.2

Perhaps there is something like an "active"  user .. and the last user which was logged on on a specific computer.

OCS-Inventory 2.1.2 does not made any differentiation .. and i don't know if server 2.8.1 has the possibility to differentiate between .. currently logged on user .. and the last user which was logged on.

But because i only have 2.0.5 as agent .. i think this agent also isn't able to send different user types (currently logged on and last user)

I only send you the tip to search for the user .. to pinpoint the "bug"

Kind regards

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it really looks like that even version 2.05 of the ocs agent differentiates between last logged on users and currently logged on user.

in a short test 3 computers with "no connected user" are really computers where no one is currently logged on.

Server version 2.1.2 isn't able to show this .. but version 2.8.1 is able to show "only connected" user .. but i have to investigate

Kind regards

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Hello all,

I have the same problem than reported here.
on 387 computers, last week I had 343 reported with a connected user

This week I have 337 computers on 384 reported with a user

Do you know if it is a bug and if not, what I could mean?
If it is not a bug, could it be computers turned on and connected to the network only, with no connected user?
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Hi, was a solution found for this? I'm currently experiencing the same issue.
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