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Ocsinjector not view like a windows machine

Hello, everyone,

I realize the computer inventory, and I need perform offline imports of some machines (inventory local).

I used ocsinventory-injector.perl with the ocs documentation.

Link: http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/08.Multi-site-network-architecture/Synchronisation-between-OCS-server-master-slaves/

I realize the test in my machine (Windows 7) and when I use ocsinventory-injector.perl, the machine is listed but he's not view like the window machine in the dashboard (he's listed in the others).

I tried with network inventory and he's view like windows machine in the dashboard

I want the windows machine using  by ocsinventory-injector is listed with the others windows machine (which use ocs windows agent)

Can you help me or explain why this machine not view like the window machine ? 


Server: Ubuntu 18.04, Ocsreports 2.8.1



Best regards

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2 Answers

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In the case of a manually integrated machine, the USERAGENT value isn't the correct one.

In the database for the machine concerned, change (hardware table, USERAGENT column) for eg. :

OCS_local_7039 => OCS_WINDOWS_7039 (the word "WINDOWS" must appear here)

For a manually integrated Linux or android machine, it is the same : OCS_ANDROID_7039 or OCS_UNIX_7039

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Hi steph78630,
thanks you very much for your answers,
I'm have selected you answer but after several day, I think, it's better to thank with the commentary.

Best regards
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