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run windows agent in run-only mode

Hello Guru,

I installed OCSNG_UNIX_SERVER-2.9.tar.gz on CentOS7 and OCS-Windows-Agent- as service on one Windows 10 test computer, and it looks fine.

My objective is to collect all the computer info in the Windows AD domain, but I don't want to install the agent to client computers.

I checked the tutorial "Setting-up-the-Windows-Agent-2.x-on-client-computers", which says I can install the agent as service or as standalone software, but neither is what I want.

I want to just run the "OCS-Windows-Agent-Setup-x64.exe" file silently, collect the computer info and send info to ocs server, but nothing files left on the computer, except log file I can accept.

Do you know which command line switch should I use?

I will test on one computer, and then test by creating GPO script.

Thanks a lot.
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