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Setup proxy server that reports to master server?

I have environments that are segregated on different networks, is it possible to have the inventory server on given network, and then have proxy servers that report directly to the inventory server? each client on the sub-networks would report the their proxy. The proxy would live on the sub-network. Ideally with docker too, if possible!
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Agents for Windows and Linux could use (standard) proxy (even with user authentication).

Look at https://ask.ocsinventory-ng.org/3606/i-cont-communicating-ocs-server-and-agent-with-proxy-server?show=3607#a3607

I write standard proxy : that's mean an usual proxy server like Squid or any equivalent http/https proxy. (Becarefull with url and dns name : they need to be reachable from the proxy).

(Everywhere, allways use proxy for http/https : you can look the usage for all clients, and protect them with filtering url on the proxy ...)
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