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Can OCS Inventory detect VMs (Virtual Machines)?

I've installed the OCS agent on VMs (both Ubuntu and Windows), and it successfully sends inventory to the server. However, in the ocsreports module, I don't see a field that classifies the computer as a VM. Is there a field in the ocsreports module or in the database that can tell me whether or not a computer is a VM?

Also, is it possible for OCS to detect VMs present on a host without installing the agent on the VMs themselves? I see a Virtual Machines table in the miscellaneous section but it is always empty.

Server Version: 2.9.1

Agent Version: 2.7

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As you can look in Ocsinventory > Agent > Backend > Virtualisation, you have Perl scripts for Docker, Jails, libvirt, Lxc, ..., VmWareESX, Xen to discover, on a virtualization host with OCS agent, the list of VM defined on this host.

You can see the list of VM of the hardware using the Administrative Console, and a (very) short list of infos (processors, memory).

But, only if a VM had OCS agent, you could retrieve lots of infos as any device with agent.

In this case, you can see an blue/grey ribbon on Administrative Data with 'Machines Virtuelles

Machine hébergée par: lnx039012' (in english : 'virtual machines - hosted by xxxxx').

Depending on virtualization tools, you can look to hardware : 

- processor : QEMU Virtual CPU (for Kvm/Qemu)

- disk drives : Canonica Virtio SCSI Disk Device (for Kvm/Qemu)

and so ...

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