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ID unique for export

Are there some way the filter only mac ethernet physical computer, because there are computer a lot network....
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i don not get it .. what do you want do to ? filter on mac address? or do you want to filter only on apple computer's ?

Kind regards
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Hello, Sokatra

Thanks for answer.

I need that each computer to be unique in other software, a field that help me in this is the field mac address, but there are computer with a lot number mac address. How Can I know what mac address ethernet  phisical
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hy .. to identify a computer there is a field called Uuid:

But in old ocsinventory version the uui changes sometimes.

To distinguish physical network types from virtual ones, you can refer to the description.
But vmware or hyper-v cards all have a certain beginning in the first octet ... so you can identify the virtual cards too.

But why you don't take the name of a computer ? The name always should be unique in a network.

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For MAC Address, 

you could get one with Inventory > Search with various criteria and choose 'Local/Networks' table, field 'MAC address'. (But you get only one MAC address ... for me in 2.6.0)

Using SQL, you can look table 'networks' : for example

select h.name, n.description, n.macaddr, n.status, n.ipaddress, n.ipmask

from hardware h, networks n

where h.id=n.hardware_id

With this sql query, you'll get all MAC address for each hardware (and only for hardware having a MAC address).

Please note MAC address could be forged, and maybe non unique (rare but exists for enormous set) ...

(For my company, we use linux firewall with vlan = on each interface (eth1.51 for vlan 51), this is the same MAC address from OCS agent, ... but same hostname. So I'm not sure the MAC address is an unique identifier !)

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