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How to deploy application or .bat file using ssl

My OCS server is running with https confirguration & i want to deploy application on our client systems using https but it always get failed with error.

ERROR *** DOWNLOAD => Failed to download Metadata file <https://ocsinventory.abc.com/download/1643631356/info> to <C:\ProgramData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\download\1643631356\info>

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2 Answers

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For troubleshooting, you need to consider

- look at apache log file /var/log/apache2/access.log,

- test yourself from pc the url : if your browser is not able to download, agent doesn't also,

- understand the OCS deploiement procedure

The OCS deploiement procedure is

- create the package supplying a zip file (.zip for Windows agents, .tar.gz for Linux agents)

- activate the package

- OCS server produce a small 'info' file with instructions for use to agent

- OCS server cut the package in 4M fragments (now optionnal)

- agent download info file (using https) and fragments (using http) = so, you NEED http and https access to /download !

If agent is unable to download info file, it couldn't continue.

(NB : I don't use last OCS server, maybe the deploiement procedure change ...)
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perhaps this will help you


i haven't tried it .. but at first glance it looks to me as if the download will then also work completely via https

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