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duplicates after renaming

when i rename computers, why it gets duplicated in ocs ?
Why the computer does not automatically rename itself in ocs?

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Has anyone encountered this problem before?
and have a solution? :)
Thanks !

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Before asking, you could think how OCS work ...

When an agent run on a computer for the first time, it calculate an identifier like 'hostname-2022-05-02-15-19-21', save it and send inventory to the server. (For the first time means agent check if identifier exist in data folder)

The server create a row in table 'hardware' with field DEVICEID = identifier, and also a field with hostname.

That's means

- first, if you unistall agent (and clear all data) and reinstall agent, the identifier is erased so a new will be calculate and a duplicate appears, (when you upgrade, the identifier is not erased and no duplicate)

- second, the DEVICEID include hostname, so before change it, you have to consider to remove the hardware !

If you look 'activity.log', you can see the DEVICEID on each lines ...

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