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Monitor computers on different subnets?

I'm using windows agents, and I want to inventory computers on different subnets / networks. If so, how would I start doing so or could someone point me to the relevant documentation?

Please bear with me as I'm a newb to this software. Thank you!
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Where is your problem ?

It's REALLY very usual to reach an external server from most of networks ! For any networks, you need to know : the number of the network, the mask, the dns server and the gateway. For example :

- number of network :

- mask : (or /24)

- dns server : (exemple)

- gateway :

These 4 informations give : you could have 252-2=250 different hardware with ip address for example. When a computer would reach any server outside the network, the trafic goes THRU the gateway which know how reach any others servers : this is 'basic routing'. (It could be a firewall ...)

It's really very small and basic knowledge about ip networks ...
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I apologize for the late revert, and I apologize if I may have been vague in my question.

I have a  network that is subnetted and the subnet gateway is then connected directly to the building internet. I also have several computers that is connected directly to the building internet.

The PCs in the subnet can't see the PCs connected to the building internet. I apologize if my question seems stupid. My knowledge in networking is shoddy at best

I don't have access to the building router, and so, I can't configure the route tables for it.
We also don't have a VPN nor do we plan to implement an office VPN.

I was asking for ideas on how would I connect them together. Thank you in advance.
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May i dont understand what you want to do... but if one PC cant see (ping?!) one other PC how a iventory software should solve that?!

If your agents can reach your OCS server, all is fine, in case of OCS.
But you canĀ“t tunnel network traffic over OCS agents to other networks.
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