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how to get information about printers using OCS

Hi all

on page: http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/en/about/features/network-scans/devices-found-with-snmp.html I read that it is possible to get information about Printers - Cartridges information

  • Cartridge type
  • Level
  • Capacity max
  • Color
  • Description of cartridge

Can you link me toward some documentation or, if it's simple, give me a quick handout how to get such info regarding printers.

Let's assume that it has SNMP v2 ports opened.

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1 Answer

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Read this and next if you have a question about the SNMP feature, come back ask a question.
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Ok. I've read what you suggested.

Now my question is:

Unluckily I have only Win and Mac clients in my organization. Can I install linux client on server (that IS linux)?

Or do I need prepare machine that will be permamently turned on only to serve as a linux client that, hopefully, will be elected as a SNMP scanner (as it will be the only one that can do that)?
The snmp scan feature of OCS work's only on linux.

No way you install the linux client under Windows Machine.

Hint: Try a virtual machine.
Thanks Joao but my server IS LINUX - Centos to be clear.

I meant installing linux client on linux server.
Yes. You can install both.
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