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How do I configure groups for deployment in OCS?

I tried to deploy a package to more than one PC (which works fine). But when I go into "Administration of the rules of affectation" I am not able to set a rule. I always get "NO RESULT". Also when I tried to set GROUPS (DYNAMICS, STATICS or RESTRIBUTION). I only can set "NAME" or "Description", but nothing works. Only NO RESULT is displaying. How do I configure this in the right way? Is it maybe a bug or an installation error ? The OCS Server runs on a Ubuntu 12.04 server and the latest version 2.1.1 is installed.

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2 Answers

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When you go in the group management page, you will find after selecting a group "add package" in the bottom right corner.

This buttom will help you to affect a package to your group.
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Thanks for the answer and yes, I have seen this possibility in some screenshots. But here is my problem, that I am not able to create a group!!

Like I wrote before, when I go to the GROUP tab, I always get the answer NO RESULT and I do not know, what I have to configure, so that I can get a group for example of all my workstations.
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I have excaly same problem after 2.1.2 upgrade. I'm unable to define dynamic or redistribution group. There is no GUI button to perform that operation. That's SERIOUS BUG, and should be resolved asap.
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