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OCS Inventory NG Management server for ubuntu 14.04

OCS Inventory NG Management server  2.1.2 is not abule to install in ubuntu 14.04 please helpme how to install.
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I have asked the oracle after sacrificed a chicken on the altar but I haven't a clear answer.

Give us the log or any error file, explain how do you try to install OCS Inventory NG or anything else that can help us to help you !

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While installation i am getting this err


uncomment below 2 lines in /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/z-ocsinventory-server.conf, restart apache2 and it work

#require "SOAP_USER"

I followed this document to install ocsng


and i installed thease packages

apt-get install libxml-simple-perl
apt-get install libcompress-zlib-perl
apt-get install libdbi-perl
apt-get install libdbd-mysql-perl
apt-get install libapache-dbi-perl
apt-get install libnet-ip-perl
apt-get install libsoap-lite-perl
cpan -i XML::Entities
cpan -i Compress::Zlib 
apt-get install libphp-pclzip
apt-get install php5-gd 
tar –xvzf OCSNG_UNIX_SERVER-2.1.2.tar.gz
sh setup.sh

After start the setup i am getting above err..

actuly i checked that file those 2 lines are already uncommented.


Do you have the apache2 installed?
Yes i installed the apache2 version is

Server version: Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
Server built:   Jul 22 2014 14:36:38
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It's look the ocs setup can't find the information he needs in the apache main configuration file ( apache2_diretory/httpd.conf)
Find out where is this configuration file and inform to setup.sh when prompted.
Obs: "Sorry for the bad English"





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As per your suggestion i given the path of


after that it is asking the conf.d folder but in /etc/apache2 that folder is not appearing.
This is weird, the conf.d is a default directory of apache.

I recommend reinstall the apache2.
After reinstalled also it is not comming that folder.
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This is due to the envvars file not being loaded when calling the apache2 binary directly.

When running the setup.sh and being asked about the path to the apache binary use apache2ctl instead. Normal path /usr/sbin/apache2ctl then it works.
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