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OLD BUG: incorrect psexec /user syntax in OCSPACKAGE.EXE

Further to this old thread : http://forums.ocsinventory-ng.org/viewtopic.php?id=10211,

this problem is STILL occurring !

After deployment of the OCSPACKAGE.EXE the installation seems to run normally, only the SERVICE is not getting started, as it is running as LOCAL SYSTEM instead of the account that was entered in the parameters section while running the OCSPACKAGER (originally, but problem occurring still in current ver

To cut a long story short: 
My understanding is the following needs to be corrected : 

_Psexec options: 
Incorrect syntax             /user: 
Correct syntax               -u

The user account portion of Psexec normally should have this syntax:

psexec  \\localhost  -u domain\username  -p  password

When checking on google, even the older versions of psexec  were already using this syntax !!

The problem is that the service OCS Inventory Service should be running with a specific service account, for which the following User Rights Assignment are set using a GPO:
Security Settings>Local Policies with: 

  • Act as part of the operating system
  • Logon as a service
  • Logon as a batch job 

Any alternative explanation as to why the service is not started with the entered service account name is welcome !

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