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Which Windows versions are officially supported? What about Windows 8.1 and Metro Apps?


At my job, we are going to deploy some Windows 8.1 Update 1 and we want to continue to use OCS to inventory our material.

I tested OCS Agent 2.0.5 and 2.1.1 and they seems to work well, both of them. But when searching on the website or the wiki I didn't found the official list of supported Windows versions: could anyone from the project tell me which Windows versions are officialy supported for the agent 2.1?

The second part of the question is about Windows 8.1 and what are called 'Metro Apps'. It seems that they are not inventoried and I want to know if it's known and if there is a roadmap to add this support.

Thanks for your job on this project.
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Hello :)

I think all version are supported. XP,  Vista,  7,  8, 8.1,  8.1u1, i tried on all these OS.

Metro Apps /Modern apps are not inventoried yet, but if you really love OCS, like i do, you can create a little plugin to get all these apps. I think VBS can do the trick.

I know that you can get all appx package with powershell command (Get-AppxPackage / Get-AppxProvisionnedPackage), time to run the script, put the result in a TXT file, then let OCS get the information ;) ;) ;)

Have a nice day
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