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How can I add 'View Columns' and make them stay as default?

I am running OCS Inventory 2.0.5 on Red Hat 5. The problem that I would like to resole is to have added columns stay permanently.

For example, whenever I do a "Software with various criteria" and lets say I choose parameter "Software Name" and do a search that is [LIKE] Firefox. When I hit the search key I get a list of all my machines that have Firefox installed, but in order to see what Version of the Software is installed, I have to add the column "Softwares: Version". While this may sound like a miniscule problem, I seem to find myself longing for default added columns in many areas of OCS and having to constantly re-add the columns in order to see what I want to see.

Is there a solution for this? Perhaps a code change in the OCS files or maybe there is an option I am missing on the Web Interface.

Thank you in advance for any help

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Hi! I've got the same question. I would like to edit the default columns / add columns persistently. Any way this is possible?
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For the default view of all computers, the file to change is ms_all_computers.php, lines list_fields2 = and default_fields2 =, adding e.g. 

    $l->g(65) => "h.model",

to list_fields2 and including in default_fields2:
$l->g(65) => $l->g(65)
And for administrative columns, adding in list_fields2 something like these (label 1620 is not used for ocs):
    $l->g(1620) => "fields_36",
and adding the respective labels in en_GB.txt and in es_ES.txt, for example.
For multi search I found that the lines to change are public $defaultFields = in Search.php, like this:
    public $defaultFields = [
        "hardware.ID", (default)
        "hardware.DEVICEID", (default)
        "hardware.NAME", (default)
        "hardware.WORKGROUP", (default)
        "hardware.OSNAME", (default)
        "softwares.NAME", (added)
        "softwares.VERSION", (added)
        "monitors.CAPTION", (added)
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